Tim Feran The Columbus Dispatch @timferan
Employers sometimes find that talking the talk is a lot different from walking the walk when the “best person for the job” happens to have a disability.
But that wasn’t the case for Jason McGonigle and his staff at the AT&T warehouse in Hilliard.
McGonigle and his staff have learned American Sign Language to better understand their co-worker of nearly a year, Kamal Nasser.
The story begins with the promotion of one of McGonigle’s workers.  
“I was going through the normal process of screening replacement candidates when the HR director called,” he said during a break at the facility, which previously operated under the DirecTV brand until AT&T bought the company two years ago.
“The HR director said, ‘I have an odd one, but we had a great phone interview. He’s deaf, but I think he’ll be a great …