“I was unhealthy. At my worst I was over 300 pounds. It came to the point where my doctor finally said you need to get the heck in shape. I was at that lowest low point where he was basically saying you need to do something or you’re gonna die.” 
This was the situation that Job Stauffer found himself in at the end of last summer. He had always been a bit big for his frame, but once he crossed the 300 pound mark he began experiencing regular headaches and other health concerns. Visiting his doctor he got the response he was expecting: “it’s time to lose some weight.”
Stauffer was prepared mentally to diet and exercise, but he didn’t relish the idea of joining a gym or starting every day with a run.
“People always want to tell you ‘just exercise’ but it’s not that simple,” Stauffer said. “I have an extra hundred or so pounds on me. …