NEW YORK – A San Clemente man was one of two good Samaritans who rescued seven boys who fell into an icy pond in Central Park Monday night.
Nine boys were walking on ice near Central Park South and Sixth Avenue around 6 p.m. Seven of them reportedly were jumping around and taking selfies, but when they got together as a group, the ice broke, said Bennett Jonas, a 2012 graduate of San Clemente High School.
Jonas, 23, was skateboarding in the park with Ethan Turnbull, 24, from Australia, when they saw the boys break through the ice at the far side of the pond. The boys – ages 10 to 17 – were all wearing heavy jackets and backpacks.
“We ran over there and saw some ladders around the lake but they weren’t long enough to reach them,” Jonas said by phone Tuesday. “I knew someone had to go out to …