Lauren Walker went to a Scotland supermarket holding Alistair, her 10-month old son, and her mother. The interesting factor is the little boy greeted everyone he met, as well as the friendly cashier. Walker was struggling to keep him quiet when Mubarak, the very same cashier, recognized Alistair from the previous encounter.
Alistair got enthusiastic and yelled ‘Hi’ to him. When he began scanning, the cashier put his arms out to hold Alistair. It was at this satisfying instant that made Alistair silent while his mother and grandmother completed their shopping. Walker took a video of the moment, posted it online, and flagged the supermarket, informing them how their employee had really saved her.
The video instantly gathered a large reaction from fascinated parents, and the supermarket made sure to reach out with a follow up.
The supermarket replied to the video stating that they are glad the kid had a great time …