A brewery in Budapest is giving out free, personalized crates of beer to anyone who takes in a dog from a local animal sanctuary.
Animal enthusiast Tamas Szilagyi, who runs the Mad Scientist Brewery, came up with the idea to raise awareness about abandoned animals and boost the adoption of stray dogs.
“We wanted to draw people’s attention, that sanctuary dogs are not worse (than other dogs), they are not waste you throw out,” he said.
The dogs come from the Noe Animal Sanctuary, which has been actively rescuing abandoned, tortured and abused animals since 1992.
The Noe Animal Sanctuary provides homes for approximately 1,000 animals, from dogs to red deer, cattle and foxes.
For many, this is their final destination but the sanctuary is involved in various activities to foster the adoption of animals.
Under the new campaign, anyone who adopts one of seven dogs picked out by the sanctuary, will receive a crate of …