Preservation — Found Package2017-02-23
This is the follow-up to the previous article:
Lost Package
On Janury 5th, 2017, a package containing 100 PAL games was sent to me from Germany via DHL. This was meant to be a loan that I was to return.
On February 14, 2017, I received the following letter from USPS:
Apparently, their machine ripped the shipping label right off the box. And so the USPS sent me just the label in an envelope, and proceeded to berate me to ship better next time, even though I was the recipient.
The donor had sent me 100 games previously. Upon returning the games, I opted instead to use two smaller boxes, holding 50 games each.
There were several reasons for this: the smallest box to hold all 100 was much larger, I wasn’t sure of the per-package insurance limits, and I figured it amortized the risk of loss to half as …