An Iowa man who became stranded en route to a funeral has thanked a mechanic who offered to lend him a car despite the pair being total strangers.
In a post to Facebook yesterday, Marshalltown resident Todd Steinkamp praised the generosity of Wisconsin mechanic “Glenn” for going out of his way to help his customer.
Mr Steinkamp wrote that Glenn turned “a terrible day into a good one”.
He said he was on his way to a funeral interstate when his car started to make a grinding noise, forcing him to pull up to an auto service garage.
There, he met 74-year-old mechanic Glenn Geib.
“He noticed that I was all dressed up and asked where I was off too,” Mr Steinkamp recounted.
“I told him I was from Iowa on my way to a funeral. He paused and said ‘pull it around back’.”
After inspecting the car, Mr Geib told Mr Steinkamp he would not be …