Guitarist Will Boyajian inside the 42nd Street, downtown A, C, E subway line where Will plays for donations that are left in his guitar case for the needy to take. February 20, 2017

This New Yorker is helping struggling straphangers one bluegrass song at a time.
Will Boyajian, a performer in the 42 Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal station, collects plenty of cash with his busking — but he gives away every dime before calling it a day.
“If you’re homeless or need help take as much as you need from the case,” a handwritten sign, propped up against a black guitar case filled with dollar bills, reads.
Boyajian doesn’t stop anyone from dipping into the pot, which gets as high as $400 a day, trusting that those who take money really need it.
He said only a handful of people have actually cleared out the entire guitar case.
“It’s really wild, some people come up and take a dollar or take five dollars, some people come up and take eighty dollars… it’s not my job to judge, it’s just my job to give.”
His goal is to end each …