On the verge of extinction, recent spotting of Gangetic dolphins in the state’s river system has brought cheer to scientists, forest officers and environmentalists. The species, one of the four freshwater dolphins in the world, was declared India’s National Aquatic Animal in 2009
Efforts of some government officers to bring down pollution in Ganga have revived the dwindling population of the freshwater mammal. As many as 110 dolphins were spotted in a 90 km stretch from Kaushambi to Handia in a recent dolphin population mapping project.
The mapping was jointly undertaken by district administration, forest department and World Wildlife Fund India (WWF India). The inclusion in Schedule 1 of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 provides absolute protection to the endangered species.
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Conservation of dolphins in this part of UP was spearheaded by district magistrate, Sanjay Kumar. The DM said the re-appearance of Gangetic dolphins was indicative of …