We welcome the news today that Coca-Cola is performing a considerable and unexpected U-turn, publicly supporting the introduction of a deposit return system for the UK.  This comes the same week as waste collection giants Suez also publicly back the introduction of a deposit return system for the UK.
A deposit return system can capture over 90% of bottle and cans in the recycling economy and prevent plastic pollution from reaching our oceans.  A small deposit of between 10-20p would be added to the purchase price of a drink and the deposit could be reclaimed in full when the container is returned to the designated recycling points.  This high-quality recyclate can then support the beverage industry’s aspirations to produce 100% recycled bottles, moving away from single-use plastics and towards a sustainable circular economy.  There are successful deposit return systems operating across Europe and throughout America, Australia and Canada.
SAS CEO Hugo Tagholm …