When Maryanne and Tommy Piling were married, the bride’s mother received ugly comments about the union of two people with Down syndrome.
“Some people said to my mum that it was disgusting,” Maryanne’s sister, Lindi Newman, told InsideEdition.com by phone from her home in Essex, Great Britain.
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“They gave my mum a lot of grief.”
But the mother and daughter never faltered in their belief that the couple was deeply in love, and that walking down the aisle was their tender right.
“I’ve never seen love like it among any other couple, Newman said.
The Pilings’ marriage has lasted more than two decades. This summer, the couple will celebrate 22 years of living together as husband and wife.
Maryanne was 24 and Tommy was 37 when they tied the knot in a traditional ceremony. She wore a white, flowing gown …