After disembarking Jake heard the screams of parents and children who were at the West Dublin stop scream in horror. Katelyn’s coat had been snagged in the door mechanism unbeknownst to the driver.
“He was that close to the bus that had he slipped, one could only imagine the outcome. Regardless, Jake continued to chase the bus endeavouring to get the driver’s attention while all the time seeing his sister being dragged along the road.”
Eventually, after several hundred metres, the driver noticed Jake and brought the vehicle to a stop.
Mr Lynch said: “Had it not been for Jake’s quick thinking, stamina and determination to keep up with the bus the outcome could have been so much worse. Katelyn’s hood had become snagged by the door and was only held onto the coat by a couple of threads by the time the bus stopped. Somehow even after being dragged by the …