It was the dog days of summer in Huntsville, Alabama, in 2015.
On his way home from Alabama A&M University, Rodney Smith Jr. saw an old man mowing his lawn.
Compelled to help the elderly gentleman with the daunting task, Smith got out of his car and took over the chore. Smith was moved by the shock on the gentleman’s face—no one had ever offered to help the old man before.
According to Southern Living, that’s when an idea came to the Bermuda-born college student: he would cut lawns for the elderly, disabled, single mothers, and veterans in the community:
Soon after he mowed his first lawn, a movement was born to motivate and inspire the young men of Huntsville, and it’s called Raising Men Lawn Company.
“Raising Men Lawn Care Service is the union of an ordinary yard maintenance service and the commitment to establish an inspiring program to keep our youth on a positive path …