The quick-thinking teenagers were forced to take control of the situation with one staying with Mr McGrath while the second traversed the glacier and descended a cliff face to get phone reception.
The pair are among a group of scouts who will be honored at a special Founder’s Day ceremony, organised by Scouting Ireland, in Dublin today.
Although their heroic rescue took place over the summer, news of it is only emerging this weekend.
Brian McGrath was expedition leader and had planned the hike for the Scout Group, who all reached 2801 metres.
Leader Mick McGrath and and venturers Brian and Sean hiked to Grossglockner on the fourth day.  A spokesman said: “Unfortunately on the way down on the glacier the  leader had an accident which resulted in a fractured ankle and he was unable to walk any further.”
A spokesman said they started putting their Survival skills into action.
“They bedded in just in …