So, a baby bongo, eh? Sure, the tiny bounding antelope born recently to the Los Angeles Zoo is cute — but the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden may have just done them one better: a tiny one-month-old hippopotamus named Fiona, making her parents proud by stepping back into the pool.
On Friday, the zoo celebrated the baby hippo’s return to pool time with a video of the big moment, which can be watched at the top of this page.
On the face of it, this may not seem too big a deal. After all, the zoo says baby Fiona “has outgrown two pools already!” What’s another little dip to a hippo so prodigious?
But Fiona has had a tough go of it so far. Born six weeks early, more than 20 pounds lighter than the typical birth weight for a Nile hippo, she has received round-the-clock care during her first month of life. …