ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – The headlines are full of stories about crime, theft, violence, and tragic loss. This is a story about honesty, integrity, and the power of doing the right thing.
It began Wednesday night, when Rachel Saldana was at a planning dinner with friends at Carlos Mexican Restaurant in south Anchorage.
“I was helping out with the Alaska Miss Amazing Pageant,” Saldana said. “We’re doing a fundraiser. It’s a pageant for girls with disabilities.”
But the fun evening soon turned into a frantic search. Saldana noticed that the diamond was missing from her wedding ring.
“So, we started looking. Everybody started looking here for her stone,” said restaurant manager Josie Gonzales.
Saldana, her friends, and restaurant employees could not find the diamond. She left thinking that she would never see it again.
“My heart just sank,” she said.
Patricia Christophersen, who buses tables at the restaurant, asked Saldana for her cell number and she …