“She saved me. I’m thankful for my dog.”
Omaha, Neb. —
An early morning fire nearly destroyed a man’s home in Ponca Hills.
But he survived thanks to his best friend.
Freddie Bonacci was in bed asleep on Thursday, when his dog Coco woke him up.
“She was jumping and acting strange,” Bonacci recalled.
Fire had spread from the home’s patio into the attic and ceiling.
As flames infiltrated the walls, Bonacci didn’t stir until Coco’s desperate pleas for attention.
“She saved me,” said Bonacci, “I’m thankful for my dog.”
Bonacci is currently battling cancer and recently survived a stroke.
He takes medication to help him sleep.
His daughters are convinced if not for Coco, Bonacci would have never woke up.
“We’re really thankful we have Coco,” Melissa Bonacci, Freddie’s daughter, said, “She is a life-saver.”
Bonacci, who has limited mobility …