They were paying homage to the man who played Bill Harding, a veteran meteorologist and storm chaser in the 1996 hit movie, “Twister.” The character Paxton portrayed is an icon for many who took part.
They used the Spotter Network to post the tribute online. The network of storm chasers, spotters, and public servants provides real-time positions and storm information to help improve the coordination of severe weather warnings.
The tribute covered portions of the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, the heart of tornado alley, and was centered around the town of Wakita, Oklahoma. Wakita featured prominently in “Twister” and is home to a museum dedicated to the film.
The network uses GPS coordinates from registered spotters and plots them on the map. That information comes from GPS units that the spotters carry in their vehicles — but can also be entered manually via the internet.
With the help of …