Muslim students in Florida have pledged their solidarity to the Jewish community by sending bouquets of flowers to organisations and synagogues to build bonds of unity “in times of great division”.
Muslim Student Associations at two universities delivered heartfelt messages alongside the floral tributes “to extend a hand of friendship” to their Jewish neighbours. 
The bouquets were delivered to the Chabad and Hillel organisations at Florida State University (FSU) and to Florida A&M University’s Shomrei Torah and Temple Israel synagogues in Tallahassee.
“We are writing this message to extend a hand of friendship. In times of great division, it is important that we stand together in unity so we hope that these flowers can be seen as a symbol of our solidarity,” the note read. 
FSU Muslim Student Association President Moneba Anees said the group wanted to make a gesture in light of the increase in hate crimes against minority groups since Donald Trump was elected US president. 
“Keeping up …