Combine an animal rescue shelter full of restless dogs in southern California with a high school cross-country team winding down its summer training, and you get one obvious—and adorable—solution.
“We have these kids who are finishing their summer workout program and we have all these dogs. So we got them together,” Luis Escobar told Runner’s World. He surprised 14 of his runners with the new training partners during a 1.5-mile easy run near the shelter.
“When the dogs realized they were going outside, they went crazy,” Escobar added. 
Escobar, who is also a professional photographer, took a short video of the practice and posted it to social media. It quickly went viral.
“We just did it as a fun, interesting way to end the summer; it’s unreal how it’s resonated with people,” he said. “If even one dog gets adopted out of this, that would be fantastic.”
The star of the video comes near the …