OXFORD, Ala. — A 19-year-old UPS worker in Alabama would walk several miles to and from work to make enough to care for his sick mother.
Until his co-workers got involved.
Daily Mail reports that Derrick Taylor has been working at the UPS center for about a year, loading and unloading vans. His shifts began at 4 a.m., and he had to leave early enough to walk the five miles there on time. He’d make the same walk home.
Co-workers offered to give him rides, but Taylor told Daily Mail that he was too proud to ask for help.
So his co-workers pooled together — and bought him a Jeep of his own.
They surprised Derrick with the Jeep in an emotional video that was posted on Facebook.
In it, one of his safety instructors said: “This is a hardworking young man. He makes me emotional. This young man wants to work so bad, he walks to …