NEW WINDSOR – When Anthony Mancinelli got his start as a barber, a haircut and shave cost 25 cents.
That was in 1924.
Mancinelli celebrated his 106th birthday Thursday with another day at the office, New Windsor’s Fantastic Cuts, where a haircut now costs $19.
And nobody offers shaves anymore, he said.
Mancinelli has held the Guinness World Record for the oldest practicing barber since 2012 – and he doesn’t expect anyone will ever beat him.
“Barbers don’t last that long,” he said. “It’s not a healthy business.”
Mancinelli knows from experience. At 27, he contracted a lung infection, a common affliction for barbers that can go unnoticed. They inhale hair clippings that can build up in their lungs over time and cause infections, he said. The doctors told Mancinelli he should wear a nose filter or mask while working, but nobody wants a surgeon styling their hair, he joked.
Not surprisingly, Mancinelli is the last remaining barber …