When Bobby Hayden began chasing Katy Desmond, she was doing pirouettes on the ice at Dorchester Park. She was 14, almost two years his senior.
He started skating concentric circles around her, drawing closer and closer, until she could avoid him no more. They stood before each other, in the middle of the ice.
“I want to be your boyfriend,” Bobby said.
“You need a psychiatrist,” Katy replied.
Bobby Hayden was nothing if not persistent. They ended up going steady and before you knew it they were married and Bobby was taking the police exam.
His dad was a Boston cop and it was preordained that he would be one, too. He loved the street, and if you look up the words “street cop” in the dictionary, Bobby’s picture is next to them.
After a rash of muggings on Boston Common, he volunteered to dress up as an old woman, to walk around as a decoy. …