A dog, abandoned by an amateur breeder because of his lopsided face, has been saved from euthanasia.
The corgi pit bull mix, named Picasso, was saved alongside his brother Pablo in Oregon, USA.
The pair were dumped at an animal shelter after their breeder couldn’t sell them.
They were then taken in by another dog adoption service, which rescues dogs which are at risk of being put down by other shelters.
According to his breeder, Picasso was born with the facial deformity.
Despite his twisted snout, 10-month-old Picasso is “incredibly happy”, according to Luvable Dog Rescue.
Picasso – possibly named after the Spanish artist’s famous paintings of lopsided faces – has been described as “perfectly imperfect” by the dog sanctuary.
He was originally to be taken in alone, but then the dog sanctuary found out that he had a brother – who was also going to be put down.
“We couldn’t leave the brother behind so we said …