While the world waits for April the New York zoo giraffe to give birth on her controversial live stream, Kipele is pulling a Beyoncé and dropping surprises overnight.
On Feb. 28, the Denver Zoo giraffe gave birth to an unexpected baby boy, later named Dobby, without fanfare in the early morning.
The new arrival is a reticulated giraffe who measures 5-ft. tall and weighs 73 lbs., according to the Denver Post. As is common with giraffe calfs, Dobby was up and walking just a few minutes after he was born. Keepers say both he and Kipele are doing well.
“Staff was monitoring Kipele overnight when she went into labor,” said Brian Aucone, Denver Zoo senior vice president for Animal Care and Conservation, in a press statement. “Although the birth went well, the calf was not initially nursing. Staff fed the infant and provided critical care in his first hours of life to get him …