Benicia, Calif., police officers surprise Jourdan Duncan with a bike after finding out he walked more than four hours to and from work. (Courtesy Benicia Police Department)
By now, the story hardly needs telling among Jourdan Duncan’s family and friends.
Late one night last September, the teenager had been walking back to his parents’ home from work, a seven-mile trip from Benicia to Vallejo, Calif.
Duncan had been making the long commute on foot each day since July, after the timing belt and an engine valve on his 2001 Volvo had broken. Without enough money for repairs, he at first got a few rides from friends and co-workers — but soon decided he would try to walk to avoid burdening others.
“To me, it was like a challenge to see if I was willing to do whatever it takes to get to work,” Duncan, now 19, told The Washington Post then.
Day by day the walk …