Man removes turban and ?l???? ?t und?r head of injured ?h?ld h?t b? car ?ut??d? ?r?m?r? school.
Harman S?ngh d?d not th?nk twice about r?m?v?ng h?? turb?n t? cradle th? bl??d?ng h??d of a 5-???r-?ld who h?d just been hit b? a v?h??l? on h?? w?? t? ??h??l.
Mr S?ngh, 22, w?? at h?m? when h? h??rd car wh??l? ??r???h?ng, ?nd th?n a ??mm?t??n, and r?n outside to ?nv??t?g?t?. “I saw a child down ?n the gr?und and a l?d? was holding him. His head w?? bleeding, ?? I unv??l?d my turb?n ?nd ?ut it under h?? h??d.”
M?mb?r? ?f th? Ind??n ??mmun?t? last n?ght ?r????d Mr S?ngh f?r h?? ??t??n, considered a hug?l? ??gn?f???nt act ?f hum?n?t? by br??k?ng ?tr??t r?l?g??u? ?r?t???l t? help a ?tr?ng?r.
Th? ????d?nt ???urr?d ?n Manuroa Rd ju?t b?f?r? 9am.
Mr S?ngh ??kn?wl?dg?d the r?r? ?t?? he took t? h?l?, but ???d that …