The mysterious disappearance of two “inseparable” sisters three decades ago has been solved by Canadian police, who found the women living in the U.S. with new identities.
Anna and Kym Hakze fled Edmonton in the mid-1980s. Their mother reported them missing in 2003 after she hadn’t seen or heard from them in more than a decade. The Lethbridge Police Service in Canada explained on Facebook Thursday how the case was solved through old-fashioned detective work.
“Without going into a lot of details and to protect their privacy, they had just left due to some family turmoil, and had moved on and were living their own life as a result of that,” said Lethbridge Police Sgt. Scott Woods, according to The Lethbridge Herald. He didn’t release their new identities or location.
At one point police suspected the women may have been the victims of a serial killer in Vancouver.
In 2012 a tipster told detectives that an author …