HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — One neighborhood in Homewood is fighting back for an elderly man who received a nasty note in his mailbox. They’re doing it in an unexpected way—with Christmas lights.
It all started when the man, known as “Mr. Frank” got the letter in his mailbox. It told the man to take down his Christmas lights, clean up his yard, and consider moving and having his home torn down, so a newer home could be built in its place.
According to people in his neighborhood, the man has lived there for years and grew up in the home. They say he was hurt by the letter. That’s when neighbors came to his aid. By the next evening, Christmas lights had begun to flicker along Homewood windows, and wreaths don the doors. It was a show of solidarity for Mr. Frank.
“I am proud of our neighborhood. I think that’s fabulous, I …