Earlier this week, in an impassioned speech as part of his Hansen Unplugged segment, WFAA-TV sports anchor Dale Hansen called for “simple decency” in allowing 17-year-old Mack Beggs to participate in titles corresponding with his present gender.
Due to state regulations enforced by Texas’s school sport governing body – the University Interscholastic League (UIL) – Mack was only allowed to compete with the sex assigned to him at birth.
His subsequent victory in the girls’ wrestling title led to criticism and a lawsuit against the UIL over his use of medically prescribed steroids.
Those steroids are believed to have given him – in the words of Hansen – an “incredibly unfair advantage” over his female opponents. 
Referencing gay Missouri footballer Michael Sam, Hansen conceded that while he did not fully understand “his world… I do understand he’s a part of mine”. 
“And I am saying the same thing now about Mack Beggs,” Hansen said.
The anchor went …