© Michelle Pemberton, The Indianapolis Star Sisters Lana Hayes, left, and Lennia “Nia” Hayes, pose for a photo after meet for the first time Feb. 28, 2017. For the past eight years, the two have lived a mile apart in Fishers, Ind., without knowing it.
FISHERS, Ind. — The idea gnawed at Lennia “Nia” Hayes for weeks, months even.
She knew she had an older sister whom she’d never met, but she was scared.
What if the woman wanted nothing to do with her? Would she be opening a Pandora’s box? She already had a big, loving family — four sisters, a brother, her mom and lots of aunts and uncles. Her dad, Lonnie Hayes, died in 2012.
His sudden death at age 63 shattered the family, and with him went the answers to questions that bubbled to the …