TULSA — The Tulsa Glassblowing School is helping veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Some veterans are trying a technique that helps them move beyond the violence of war and find peace.
Each piece is carefully molded and fired.
“All day long it’s like you’re a balloon being blown up and then you get here and you actually get to focus on that glass blowing, focus on that art and that it releases that pressure,” Air Force veteran Justin Schultz said.
Schultz’s illness was crafted in a different fire, gunfire.
“The thing about PTSD is there’s no medication that you can take for that and it’s actually one of the few disorders that gets worse in time and doesn’t actually get better,” he said.
Schultz served his country for 10 years. He was deployed for multiple tours overseas. The Air Force veteran says he struggled to adapt to life back home when the tours ended.
“There’s …