People walking by the little dog on a Montreal street assumed he was garbage, and never gave him a second thought.  A driver passing by thought the dog (possibly a King Charles Cavalier/Shih Tzu mix?) to be a ratty old teddy bear until he moved.  Now he has been taken in and cleaned up by the SPCA of Western Quebec, and will soon be ready for a home.
After being abandoned by his neglectful owner, this mangy mutt scavenged the streets for food – his only hope of survival.  His coat was so matted and caked with filth that no one knew he was even a living creature.
The pain he suffered from the mats, cold and hunger must have been great, but his life changed when a motorist saw him and called the local SPCA.  He was quickly picked up and given the attention he so desperately needed.
“When the dog came …