SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – An elderly homeless woman in Santa Barbara was reunited with her three children after disappearing more than a decade ago.
Kayannette Gabrielle went missing from her home in Valencia in 2006.  Her son, Brett Hanlon reported her disappearance to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Her information was entered into a statewide database and detectives followed leads for years.
Around four years ago, Gabrielle ended up in Santa Barbara and often slept outside the main library. She was known in the community as Mary Roberts.
During a stay at the Rescue Mission, Gabrielle befriended Jill Wallerstedt, the director of homeless guest services.
Wallerstedt said Gabrielle suffered from severe memory loss, possibly from a head injury and couldn’t remember her name or Social Security number. Gabrielle often talked about three children, but never mentioned that they belonged to her. Wallerstedt took Gabrielle to lunch every week and tried to help her …