- Photographer: Courtesy Rubino family - Caption: Nick Rubino (left) and his brother, Giovanni, ran a lemonade stand to raise money for San Jose flood victims - Caption writer: Herhold - Source/Affiliation: Mercury News - Special instructions: N/A - Permission to post online? Yes - Permission to print in affiliated publications? Yes

When St. Christopher School fourth-grade teacher Gabrielle Olivo spoke to her class recently about San Jose’s punishing flood, she asked them to imagine the victims who had lost their belongings and places to live.
Her message resonated particularly with one of her students, 10-year-old Nick Rubino, an athletic youngster who likes to play football, basketball and baseball. In that order.
Later that day, a Friday three days after the flood, an idea came to Nick, who wanted to contribute to the school’s relief fund for the Silicon Valley Red Cross.
His house in Willow Glen had two healthy Meyer lemon trees in the backyard. The lemons were ripe. What if he picked them and made lemonade to raise money for the victims?
“I always wanted to do a lemonade stand,’’ he told me. “And the fundraiser was going on during that time. So my mom agreed with me and said we could do it.’’
As …