The bridge, Stari Most in Mostar was destroyed in the Bosnian War, subsequently rebuilt, and has been a part of the UNESCO world heritage list since 2005. Hauke Schroeder/Press Association. All rights reserved.
In 2015, an episode of Radio Free Europe’s Perspektiva sent ripples through Bosnian press and social media. The brainchild of Sarajevo-based filmmaker Ada Sokolovi?, Perspektiva sends popular musicians to various ex-Yugoslav cities to talk to high school students about issues they face – nationalism, segregation, homophobia, bullying, poverty, misogyny, etc. In Bosnia, episodes often reveal both ingrained nationalist attitudes about ‘mixing’ with others, as well as students who reject such attitudes.
The Mostar episode, which talked to students in both segregated and unified schools, exhibited high-school students who had never crossed Mostar’s unofficial dividing line between the east (Muslim) and west (Croat) of the city, the former Boulevard of the Revolution. Students from both sides …