A 30-stone pig that hit the headlines when it broke free from its home to roam the streets has escaped again.
In September last year, Pog tore down an iron gate in owner Kathy Thomson’s garden before heading into Ipswich for a 90-minute jaunt.
Suffolk Police were called in again on Saturday night after the pig was seen roaming in a residential area near the Brickmakers Arms in Ipswich.
Officers managed to track down Pog and return it to its owner.
Pog’s escapes have made national headlines but it was not her first time in the limelight.
Three years ago the pig, a cross between a large white, Gloucester old spot and a Duroc, was pictured in Ms Thomson’s house, which was for sale.
The unusual listing was reported around the world, with Ms Thomson saying a site in the US criticised the “pigsty that the English woman lives in”.
“The English versions were more pleasant,” she …