Politics, the word that so often gives humans a bad name.
We have all heard of the political gimmicks from buying the god a gift to coming full circle on Jallikattu ban. So dire are the political times today that it only makes sense for our furry friends to replace politicians.
Over the course of history, there actually have been animals that have “run” for various political offices (and sometimes even won).
Here are 15 Cutest Animal Politicians:
1. Duke, the dog – three time mayor! 
Duke, the nine-year-old dog was re-elected for a historic third term as mayor of Cormorant, a tiny Minnesota town!
Well, unlike the bitter war for US presidency, no one ran against this dog in the township of 1,000!
Duke perhaps would be the world’s most popular politician given his landslide victories!
2. Stubbs, the cat – Mayor of  an Alaskan village!
Stubbs, a 17-year old cat has been the Honorary Mayor of Talkeetna, a tiny Alaskan …