In a major relief for cancer patients, the drug pricing regulator National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has slashed the prices of some cancer drugs by upto 86 per cent.
The price of a drug called Iressa, which is manufactured by Astrazeneca Pharma India Limited and is used for the treatment of lung cancer, was around Rs 29,259, which has now been slashed to Rs 3,977. The price of another expensive drug for targeted cancer therapy Biceltis, manufactured by Emcure Pharmaceuticals, which is an antibody used to target cancer cells, has been reduced by over Rs 10,000. Price of chemotherapy drugs like Doceaqualip, manufactured by Intas Pharacetucals ltd, has been reduced by 37 per cent – from Rs 16,890 to Rs 10,560. The price of Dr Reddy’s tablet Levin used to treat blood cancer has been cut by 25 per cent.
Bhupendra Singh, chairman of NPPA said that more cancer …