An Aberdeenshire businessman has offered an unusual reward after youths started a fire at his restaurant – they can have a job.
The blaze happened at Fennel Restaurant in Inverurie early on Sunday evening.
The emergency services were called and the fire – involving outdoor seating – was extinguished before serious further damage could be caused.
Owner William Bird said the youths involved could have kitchen porter jobs to teach them about responsibility.
He posted the offer on social media in a bid to get the message to the culprits.
‘Dare you’
It said: “I’m asking everyone who knows you, because you bragged, right? Because your classmates hung about, because you came home smelling of smoke and flammable material so someone knows. To let you know something. Something you need to know.
“I’m offering a reward. But that reward may not be what you think.
“To the two young lads who tried to set a fire at Fennel, …