A random act of kindness, meant to honour a grandmother who passed away two years ago, helped make the day of a central Alberta man and his daughter over the weekend.
Robin Folkins and his 11-year-old daughter, Rory, were heading home to Provost from Vermilion Sunday when they decided to pop into the Walmart in Wainwright. Rory had some leftover Christmas money and wanted to pick out a new toy.
When they got to the toy aisle, Rory noticed an envelope taped to one of the shelves. Written on the outside in big, black letters were the words “please take me.”
Curious, Rory took the envelope to her dad. Inside the envelope he found a card with a woman’s picture on it. There was a short message written inside, along with $40.
“Today is the day we lost our nan two years ago,” read the note. “We want to do a few good deeds in …