CLEVELAND – A local Army Private just won a battle to get her dog back.
Buck, a 5-year-old Bloodhound, was returned to Army Private Katelyn Gallagher’s family Thursday.
“I am so grateful to the police and prosecutor’s office for helping me,” Gallagher told us Friday by phone.
Gallagher left the dog with Angelo Sullo, a family friend, when she went to military training in May. When she came home on leave in December, Sullo told her he couldn’t keep the dog and gave it away to another family. That family became attached to the dog and did not want to return him.
“The dog was part of their family,” said Atty. Michael Cicero, who represents the family. “They adore him.”
Cicerco said earlier this week a Cleveland police detective called him and told him if the dog was not returned his client could be facing a felony.
“They made a difficult decision and returned the dog,” …