It’s safe to say the Jones and Kyllers’ family tree has more intersecting branches than most, with its roots coming from two sets of siblings who married their spouse’s sibling. Two more joyful, overlapping and improbable branches sprouted recently when each family celebrated the birth of a child on the same day at the Brigham.
Kelli Jones and Matt Kyller met while they were students at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. In the run-up to their 2009 wedding, Kelli’s younger brother, Ryan Jones, also a Holy Cross alum, was introduced to Matt’s younger sister, Sarah Kyller. Ryan and Sarah fell in love, marrying four years later.
Last year, sisters-in-law Sarah and Kelli – now Kelli Jones Kyller – learned they were pregnant at the same time, with due dates a week apart. Despite being a family whose lives were interwoven in many ways, both moms were stunned by this …