Johnny Jennings is 86 years old, but he first visited the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home when he was 18, and the visit changed his life forever.
A child ran up to Jennings begging to be adopted, and it was in the moment Jennings realized his life’s mission.
“When we went to leave, these three little boys grabbed me by the knees and said, ‘Will you be my daddy?’” Jennings told TODAY. “And I said I’ll do what I can. That took my heart, right there.”
From that day forward, Jennings did everything he could to help, and that turned out to be quite a lot.
Since he wasn’t ready to adopt a child of his own, he decided to contribute financially. Since he wasn’t independently wealthy, he did so by collecting paper and aluminum products and cashing them in for money.
That may not sound like it would amount to much, but Jennings has donated …