It looked like pure puppy love at first sight. A little girl named Lacy meeting her new pup Lucky, who couldn’t quit licking her face.
“I will play with him and love on him because he is the cutest sweetest little puppy,” she said.
Lucky really does live up to his name, says Carrollton Police Department Spokeswoman Jolene DeVito. 
“A great end to what could’ve been a terrible story,” she said.
The young chihuahua almost didn’t survive to see this day.
“[He’s] totally different than when I found him,” says Carrollton Animal Control Officer Debbie Hutchins, who found the 4-month-old listless in a car in February.
Authorities believe he had eaten heroin that was in the car while his owners were inside a Home Depot allegedly changing price tags. They were arrested for that and for drug possession. 
Lucky was taken to the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic, where he went from near death, to now rambunctious.
“It feels …