DENVER, CO -MARCH 01: Rita Robledo, left, is now a full time employee at Denver Parks and Recreation after being part of Denver's Day Workers program when she was homeless, March 01, 2017. Robledo, working a the City of Denver's greenhouse, is now back on her feet and enjoys working to make the Denver parks look their best. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

Rita Robledo still tears up when talking about her two dogs she had to give up nearly three years ago when she had been living on the street and using an abandoned shack for a shelter. Now what she really wants is to live in a home where she can have at least one dog.
Her temporary unit in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood doesn’t allow dogs, but she’s hoping to be on her way into something new after landing a full-time seasonal job with Denver Parks and Recreation.
Robledo, 54, started off in the Denver Day Works program, making $60 per day before she was offered a position working in Skyline Park.
“I feel like a human being,” she said.
Robledo is one of four people from the Denver Day Works program, launched last November to provide work opportunities for the homeless, to get hired as a full-time seasonal employee to work on cleaning up …