CLEVELAND, Ohio – Find a rock. Paint a rock. Hide a rock. Three basic actions with big impacts. With 68,022 members and growing, Northeast Ohio Rocks! is spreading acts of kindness throughout Ohio and beyond. The idea is to get up, get outside and get moving away from electronics. Rocks are hidden anywhere from hiking trails, rest stops, to parks and landmarks. Nancy Powell, founder and administrator of Northeast Ohio Rocks!, tells News 5 the story of success and hope behind this growing group.
1. Why did you start Northeast Ohio Rocks?
My son, Eric Powell, is stationed at Oak Harbor Washington with the US Navy. While my son was deployed to Afghanistan, his wife, my daughter-in-law Mallory (Adams) Powell, began participating in Whidbey Island Rocks. Mallory called me and said, “Mom you have to start this in Ohio”. On July 24, 2016, I started the group. At the time we …