SADDLE BROOK, N.J. — An 89-year-old woman was saved from certain disaster when a pair of Good Samaritans rushed her out of the path of an oncoming train, CBS New York reports.
Police say the woman was crossing a set of railroad tracks around 2 p.m. Wednesday.
Dash cam video shows 28-year-old Jonathan Mango and an unidentified Good Samaritan rush to her aid and help her get off the tracks just as a NJ Transit train barrels past them in Bergen County.
“I saw the train was really coming. I sprinted onto the tracks, and I pulled her by the arm,” Mango said. “She actually stopped because she was scared, so then I tried grabbing her arm and then really tried pulling her. She was having a lot of trouble.”
By the time they reached the other side of the tracks, the train had missed the woman by inches, Mango said. She was taken to …