When a university student named Paul decided to get a pet, he knew that a cat would be the perfect choice.
“I wanted a cat because cats are generally low maintenance pets that also provide a lot of emotional support and amusement, which is especially helpful in the stressful environment of a university,” he explained to iHeartCats.
So, he took a trip to the shelter, intending to adopt a spunky, wide-eyed kitten. But as he walked around looking into the cages of homeless felines, he was struck with a realization.
“I realized that kittens require a lot more attention than older cats do, and potentially get into a lot more trouble!” Paul said. “As a student, I spend a lot of time outside the apartment, so I need to be able to trust the cat to stay home unsupervised for long stretches of the day.”
As he continued to think about his lifestyle and the needs …