Jim Zimerla has always loved his dog Marley, but he loves him perhaps now more than ever. Jim was fast asleep with his hearing aids out at 3 a.m. Sunday, when Marley jumped onto his bed to wake him up, alerting him that a fire was burning inside his mobile home.
“I look down the hallway and all I could see was the fire,” said Zimerla.
With the exit blocked by flames, he and Marley scrambled out the bedroom window.
“There was no thinking involved. It was just to get to the window, and I was able to get it open and put him out the best I could, and I jumped out,” said Zimerla.
Zimerla is convinced Marley saved his life. He said if the dog hadn’t jumped up on his bed to wake him up, he and his best friend wouldn’t be alive today.
“Marley is my hero. It’s as simple as that. …